Tracking macros made easy.

Achieve your fitness goals with data-driven confidence! MacroTracker is an iOS application designed solely to help you keep track of your daily intake of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats).

MacroTracker is comming soon the Apple App store!

Track Macronutrients


Track your macronutrient intake throughout the day to ensure you reach your goals. You can create custom foods or search the database of over 7500 food items for your daily log.

Analyze Macronutrients


Analyze various food combinations to create new recipies that fit your desired macronutrient profile. This tool is great for putting together that perfect post-workout shake or pre-bedtime snack.

Macros come first


Fitness results come from consistency. Use MacroTracker to ensure you are persistently hitting your goals. Macronutrient profiles have visual priority over calories to help you gain a better understanding of what works for you.